One Step at a time, One thought at a moment.

One step. ... It takes nothing but one step to start a war, to build peace, to change lives.  Because one step doesn't stop there but it leads to another and other. One step at a time leads to a thousand other steps. Sometimes we may stop at the second step or the third, which implies that your first step is defective. Start over and now make your first step, a good one.  Similarly, One thought .... One thought is all it takes to give birth to a new world or world destruction.  Too much of anything is dangerous and that applies to thoughts too. In modern English, we call it over-thinking. But that doesn't change the fact that one thought is what makes the foundation of any great or unforgettable events in history.  Think twice before you choose your thoughts, choose your actions and choose the steps you take to realize your goals.  - Tania 
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